The People in Charge of Lice Prevention

The way, we as a society, view head lice isn’t the most appropriate way to look at this situation. For example, if your child has a head lice infestation, s/he will be sent home from school and will likely be shamed by fellow students. In our line of work, we have seen all types of reactions possible for head lice. And the worst is when parents react with horror and disgust. Contrary to popular belief, a head lice infestation isn’t a result of bad hygiene. The adults in a child’s life, parents, teachers, school administrators, sports coaches, etc, are actually more responsible for the lice infestation then the children are.

Roles for Prevention

In our humble opinion, all the people around the children should play their roles in helping to eradicate head lice infestations. Here is what each adult in a child’s life can do their part:


We are starting off with teachers and coaches because schools and sports activities are usually ‘ground zero’ for possible lice infestations. They are usually the first ones to learn if a student or player in their class or team has head lice. If they find themselves in a situation where they have to deal with a child with possible head lice, then they shouldn’t make a spectacle of it. Take the child out of the class and contact the parents. If you are part of our Lice-Free School Membership Program, then you can contact us and we will arrive at the school immediately. We will inspect the children in the affected class and provide our pesticide free head lice removal treatment where necessary.


When dealing with a lice issue, parents have the main responsibility of treating children normally. They won’t be allowed to attend school or be involved in other activities, so they shouldn’t be isolated at home. The key is getting the right kind of treatment immediately, so they can get back to their life immediately. You can visit our salon or schedule an in-house visit to get rid of the lice infestation. We perform a complete inspection of all family members in our salon and treat the affected individuals with our organic treatment, which guarantees 100% head lice removal, including the nits. With each adult playing their role, it is possible that children never have to deal with the blood sucking parasites ever in their life. And even if they do, parents’ immediate action and our prompt service can help get rid of the louse completely.