The Price Of Advice In Dealing With Head Lice

Parents by nature have an automatic panic mode when their child has a health issue for the first time. You have your sports injuries, chicken pox, flu, and more—there’s always a hassle the first time around. Head lice are no exception. When your child comes home with lice, it’s the same old scramble for solutions everywhere. You’ll call your local doctor, search for “how to kill lice” online, ask the next-door neighbors, family members, friends, and may be even the lady you run into the nearby park. The resulting cacophony of advices has the opposite of the intended effect; parents end up with more confusion than they started out with. You’ll try one remedy after another, only to realize that the overload of old wives’ tales of head lice is causing stress for you and your kid.

Say No To Experiments

Let’s put a stop to the heartaches. To the parents reading this: when you find out your child has lice, AVOID these at all costs:

Home Remedies

Herbal oils, Listerine, mayonnaise, coke—there is whole ridiculous list of things you’ll find when you ask around for advice. The American Academy of Pediatricians, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other medical authorities advise against the use of home remedies such as these.

Not only are these potentially ineffective, but also hazardous. For instance, most herbal oils are toxic for consumption, and can cause ever health issues if they slide into your child’s eyes or mouth.

Chemical Treatments

Over-the-counter lice shampoos and potions are now all the rage in the world of lead lice. These formulas claim to “be the best” and provide “quick lice removals”. You’ll even have some of your advisors telling you to get “that amazing lotion at the store!

In truth, chemical-based lice solutions are highly dangerous to be used on human skin, especially a child’s. These often contain toxic and sometimes even carcinogenic ingredients, which may do a quick job of killing lice, but severely damage your hair and general health at the same time.

Additionally, the chemicals commonly incorporated in lice shampoos and lotions are now proving to be ineffective against the new wave of super lice.  A study by the ACS found that super lice, highly resistant against common lice chemicals, have spread across more than half of the states.

The price of advice, as it turns out, is very high. It consists of thinning and falling hair, itchy scalps, disturbed sleep, and various health problems. Take a safer route; Lice Troopers offers pesticide free, safe professional lice removal services. Our lice clinics are equipped with high-grade lice combs and trained specialists, who will treat your child’s lice in a one-time appointment without the slightest compromise in health. Call us at 800-403-5423. We provide lice treatment service Kendall as well as other lice inspection services.