Super Lice or Super Villains? How Lice Are Becoming Immune to Anti-Lice Products

Our first instinct is to Google “Lice remedies at home” when we find a pesky critter in the strands of our hair. It’s understandable that you want to browse the web for remedies because there are thousands of forums with individuals who have had to deal with the same situation. But when no matter how many ‘solutions’ you try and the stubborn critters don’t want to leave, it can make you wonder whether they’re super lice or super villains.The problem isn’t that they’re difficult to get rid of. The problem lies in our methods. It’s understandable that as victims of head lice, we want a quick, easy and affordable solution. But when we try different homemade remedies and throw every product labeled ‘anti-lice’ into our carts—it becomes a problem.

The Problem with Anti-Lice Products

When we purchase tons of lice products but there’s no success, it can make us wonder whether lice have become immune to the ingredients used. The answer to that question is that lice have not become immune; they were never vulnerable to these products in the first place! This is because these so-called ‘anti-lice’ products are made using the cheapest quality ingredients. Most of the companies that market them offer affordable ‘solutions’ to desperate victims but these products are laden with harmful chemicals. These chemicals do little to eliminate lice and more to damage the scalp because of their high pH level. When the scalp is affected, there is hair loss and thinning of hair. This is beneficial for lice because hair loss means it’s easier for them to roam freely. As a means of a last resort, individuals opt for the option to get their head shaved. But that is only a temporary solution. When your hair grows back, another infestation is just around the corner. A common misconception is that individuals with poor hygiene get head lice. The truth is, anyone can get head lice. But there are measurements you can take to get rid of the problem and prevent it from reoccurring. One of the first steps to take when you’ve discovered you’re infected is to call a professional lice removal service. Lice salons specialize in head lice removal by using natural products and special combs to tackle each every nit and louse in your hair. Not only does this method ensure safety for you and your family, you can be assured that every blood-thirsty pest is out of your hair. We are a lice treatment center  in Kendall that guarantees complete removal of lice. We offer in-home services and home inspection to make sure your house is safe from an infestation. Call us at today at 800-403-5423 to schedule an appointment!