Clean Out the Foliage this Fall from Your Head: How to Get Started

The two words that can steal your night’s sleep are head lice. The thought of tiny critters crawling and clutching to your hair strands for dear life is gut-wrenching, to say the least. The anxiety becomes more compulsive if you already have a fear of insects on or near your body. Imagine carrying these parasitic bugs everywhere every day with you! But ‘tis the season for leaves to fall and for head lice to breed too. However, the process of ridding your scalp of these blood-sucking leeches isn’t as easy and natural as leaves falling off branches. Cleaning your head of lice requires that you face your fears and get down to business.

Rationalize your Fears

First things first, you need to understand that though head lice may be the most annoying parasites known to mankind, with our lice treatments, they’re not impossible to eliminate. This will help put your fears in perspective and rationalize your response. True, getting a head lice infestation can ruin your happiness and affect your peace of mind, but it’s not the end of the world! They need human blood to survive, so just remove them from the source. As widespread as myths about lice can be, realize that lice can’t actually fly from head to head. They need physical contact to travel from one host to another. So unless you lean your head against another head, or share hair accessories with someone else, there are slim chances of the infestation traveling. Last but not the least, a head lice infestation is just an unfortunate occurrence that’ll go away with time when properly treated. It’s, in no way, an evidence of your personal hygiene or a suggestion of an unhealthy scalp. Although, your health may suffer if the infestation is left ignored for too long!

How To Get The Fall Cleaning Started

If you or your child has an itchy scalp, it’s better to examine it before freaking out. It’s not necessarily a case of head lice; the symptoms could be due to dryness or dandruff. However, if you find sores at different spots on the scalp, it’s best to consult a professional. But before you book an appointment, there’s no harm in prepping your home to be lice free. Change all the bed linens and put them together with recently-worn clothes in sealed plastic bag for at least 2 days. This will give the head lice enough time to die of starvation, if there are any on the fabric. If the person with the infested head shares a bed or a pillow with another, separate their sleeping arrangement ASAP. The lesser the chances of physical contact between them and other hosts, the better.

Where to get help

Lastly, pick up your phone and dial 732-806-7717. Our lice specialists at the lice treatment center Lakewood and Howell are eager to help you out! Lice Troopers is a distinguished lice treatment facility in the US at several locations and we’re always available on our helpline 732-806-7717.