Why the Third Time Should NOT Be the Charm: Dealing With Lice Re-infestations

There are some moments in life we wish we could eternalize; from spending a much-needed vacation at a gorgeous destination to snuggling with our favorite furry companion on a cold winter day. But then there are some days we wish were over the second they started. Like a bad movie on repeat, they make us cringe at every scene. No, we’re not talking about waking up on the wrong side of the bed or tripping in front of your crush. We’re talking about embarrassing moments that can traumatize you and haunt you ‘til the end of time. We’re talking about head lice.

Struck With Zero Luck?

You’ve tried everything you can—in vain—to get rid of these bloodthirsty parasites, but they’ve come back time and time again. By the third time, you’re strongly considering shaving your head, you’ve used a billion home remedies and over-the-counter products, but the result is always the same—they keep coming back no matter what you do. The reason is simple: lice are immune to such treatments, no matter what the packaging promises you. Look, lice have been around for thousands, even millions, of years. They’ve been with mankind since the beginning of time. They’ve had plenty of time to evolve. This means that the products we use today are ineffective against modern-day lice. Lice can live in human hair for 30 days. A female louse can lay six eggs in one day, which take about a week to hatch. After ten days, the nymphs become adults and the cycle restarts. Unfortunately, most people believe that head lice can be treated using home remedies. They believe that home remedies will get rid of them permanently. While some remedies will work, they will only work for about a week. This is because there are remedies that can immobilize lice, but not kill them.

But There Is a Way Out

Don’t lose hope just because you’ve contracted head lice again. Shaving your head may seem like a tempting solution, but trust us, it doesn’t have to be. Why should you have to suffer? It’s time to let these pesky critters know that they’re not welcome in your luscious locks. At Lice Troopers, we offer effective lice removal services, including hair inspection and professional treatments that are non-toxic and pesticide free. We guarantee a 100% removal service. Living with lice can be miserable, and that’s why we’re here to help. Consult the pros by calling us at 800-403-5423, and scheduling an appointment today! You can visit our lice clinic Coral Gables or opt for an in-home treatment if you want to protect your privacy.