Why You Shouldn’t Attempt To Get Rid of Lice on Your Own

Lice infestations are an epidemic that’s extremely widespread; you would think there would be permanent solutions to this problem by now. There are estimated to be around 6 to 12 million lice infestations in the United States alone every year. But surprisingly, there’s very little awareness about lice and how they can infect you. There are three different kinds of lice; pubic, body, and head lice. If you want to know more about frequently asked questions relating to them, read more here. Because of the frequency of their occurrence, you might think that getting rid of lice is something that just about anyone can do. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Without professional lice removal services, we’d all be scratching our heads all the time. In fact, the repercussions of taking lice removal into your hands can backfire, and here’s why you should avoid it.

OTC medication is the worst

The dangers of over-the-counter medication for lice removal are significant. OTC lice removal companies don’t tell you about the presence of dangerous chemicals in them which are banned by the FDA. They are also extremely ineffective, because according to the latest research, lice have developed resistances to the chemicals in these medications. But because of this little known fact, we tend to get caught in a cycle of constantly using these products and doing more harm than good to our own hair. On top of that, OTC remedies don’t guarantee taking care of nits, and eliminating nits is important if you don’t want a recurring problem on your hands.

Hair remedies

Most hair remedies advise the mixing of cooking ingredients such as mayonnaise and olive oil. These tend to be completely useless when it comes to treating lice, because they’re very resilient pests. They also tend to multiply at alarming rates if not taken care of by professional lice clinic specialists. Even though home remedies encourage combing to get rid of lice, combing is a long process which is easier carried out by certified lice specialists. There’s only so much you can do on your own before you’ll have no option but to seek professional lice removal services eventually.

Lice Troopers to the rescue

For more information on head lice removal you can visit our website. We at Lice Troopers prioritize the health of your hair with non-toxic, natural remedies for lice removal. You can book an appointment in any of our various clinics in locations all over the United States.