Metal Lice Combs – Your Best Weapon Against Head Lice Scares

2015 was abuzz with media reports about the rapid spread of super lice. The tide, it seems, hasn’t turned. 2016 is near its end and the dreaded super louse is very much still the talk of the town. These mutant lice aren’t any different from that of yesteryear, so why has it become the most hated enemy of parents, children and their educators?

How “Super” Are This Strain of Lice?Child With Head Lice

Mutant or super lice are simply a new strain of lice that have developed resistance and immunity against pyrethroids and other chemicals commonly found in most OTC lice removal treatments. The resistant “mutant” lice strain was discovered by Southern Illinois University Professor Kyong Yoon, who along with a research team collected 109 specimens. 104 out of the collected number had the mutated strain present, Yoon reported at the yearly meeting of American Chemical Society.

A Natural Solution in the Form of Lice Combs

Parents dealing with this strain of head lice for the first time can get intimidated when trying to treat their children. Mutant lice may seem almost supernatural – with very few treatment options. Just because mutant lice cannot be treated and removed by over-the-counter lice removal solutions and shampoos doesn’t mean parents should admit defeat. As it turns out, for the generations before us—and before chemicals and pesticides—the common method of lice removal was manual nit-picking. Nit-picking, i.e. with the help of a metal or plastic nit comb, is one of the oldest methods for effective lice removal!

The Power Is In the Comb

The secret behind effective lice removal through nit-combing lies in the comb. A cheap, plastic one bought from your local drugstore won’t do. An effective comb will remove all nits, nymphs and lice – only patient, thorough, diligent nit-combing is necessary. Head Of Woman Louse Nit And Lice CombThis is why families have been turning to professional head lice removal Miami Beach to treat their family using pesticide free lice removal methods. With Lice Troopers on the scene, parents now have another option, one that doesn’t require them to douse their child’s heads with harmful chemicals.

Our State-of-the-Art Lice Extraction Comb

Made of stainless steel, Lice Troopers offers a strong and durable nit comb with finely spaced teeth that help catch (and remove) lice and nits with ease. Especially designed to fit comfortably in your hands, this feature makes nit-combing an easy task. One of the finest combs available anywhere on the market, parents can use this reusable comb for daily lice checking at home. In addition to our incredibly effective lice removal services both in home and in clinic, Lice Troopers offers detailed home inspections and clean-up services. So, whether you are dealing with super lice or just the regular kind, place your trust in our lice doctors Miami Beach.