Celebrities Get Infested With Head Lice Too!

Celebrities are just like us – and yes, they get head lice too! Head lice are not discriminatory and they do not affect a single group of people. The sight of head lice on someone’s hair instantly gives us the impression that the persondoesn’t bathe or practice good hygiene.However, the truth is far from that. If head lice are such a socially off-putting thing for us, imagine what an infestation can do to celebrities who are known for their glamour, flawless lifestyle and perfect looks. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular and beloved celebrities who also suffered from head lice infestation at some point in their lives:

Robert Pattinson

He is every girl’s dream. But there was also a time when Robert Pattinsonmade a public announcement regarding his need to get rid of head lice as soon as possible. Moreover, he alsoshowed up at the popular Ellen DeGeneres Show witha very recently shaven head, and informed his fans that he had been infested head lice, and how important getting rid of it was for him and his career. As it came across, this heartthrob went almost bald for one of his key roles in the movie,“Water for Elephants”along with the stunning Reese Witherspoon. This got rid of the lice.


Shakira, the gorgeous Latin singing sensation, has also been a victim of head lice infestation. Just like most of us, she had a really tough time finding a solution to her unending head lice problem. However, she contracted this issue at quite a young age. It all happened when she was in school andone of the kidssingled outone of the classmates for having nits in their hair. To soothe and make the girl feel better, Shakira hugged her and shared her own sad experience.

Kelly Ripa and Her Family

Kelly Ripa, the queen of morning shows, revealed that there was a time when she went througha frightening experience of head lice infestation and gladly learned how to get rid of lice. Just like most of the cases in the U.S, these tiny critterscame home from schoolviaher child’s head. In a matter of few days, the symptoms became obvious, and by the timethe bugs were detected, her family had been infested completely.At that time, she took the professional route and headed to a lice removal service. If head lice have recently imposed terror and annoyance over you and your family, Lice Troopers’Membership Plan is what you need. Schedule an online appointment with us to get lice-free now!