The Social Stigma about Lice Built on Myths

Many people associate lice with a lack of hygiene and neglect, thus creating the social stigma. In fact, the opposite is true. Lice gravitate towards clean heads. They seek clean, warm spots to lay their eggs. This does not stop people from perpetuating the social stigma attached to head lice and this can be damaging to the self-esteem of young children who are affected by the harsh words of others.

Eliminate Embarrassing Social Dilemma

Until people are properly educated about the origins and habits of head louse parasites, it is preferable to rid oneself of the problem long before anyone can make any unfounded judgments. Lice Troopers can swoop in with a rescue one-time lice treatment to this embarrassing social dilemma. Our treatment methods consist of safe, effective, pesticide free products and treatment procedures.

Prevent the Social Stigma Associated with Head Lice from Happening to your Child

Now, there is no need to panic about social alienation or embarrassment. It’s always a good idea to keep prevention products on hand but if your child does contract head louse parasites, we will effectively and safely remove the parasites and nits (eggs) from your child’s head.

Pesticide Free Treatment Methods – Safe and Effective for any Age

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