Maybe you received an alert from your child’s school about a recent outbreak, or you’ve noticed your child itching his or her head or ears. The thought hits you with a start, “I think my child has head lice.” You’re hoping it isn’t so—that the school outbreak hasn’t reached your kid, or that the scratching is just due to a little dryness or a mild scalp irritation. You’re hoping and praying it isn’t an infestation, but you think you know better. So what do you do now? What’s the best way to stop this problem before it gets out of hand? Step one is a professional screening. There’s no need to panic if there’s really nothing to panic about. But the only way to know is to schedule a check up. If you’ve already done an inspection and have seen a louse or two crawling through your child’s hair, then your suspicions are confirmed. Unfortunately these bugs and their nits won’t go away on their own. The longer an infestation is ignored, the more it grows in size and strength, and the harder it is to treat; early detection is the key to an easier removal process. It also keeps it from spreading to other members of your household or kids in your child’s classroom. An infestation is highly contagious, especially among children in close proximity (such as a classroom), and who tend to share personal belongings and have frequent head-to-head contact. While you can search the Internet for every home “remedy” known to man or run to the drugstore for a pesticide shampoo, at Lice Troopers, we think there is a better way. Quite honestly, the home treatments are little more than old wives’ tales. They are not able to actually eradicate an infestation. The pesticide and chemical over-the-counter treatments, although harsh, have been shown, clinically, to be ineffective in the battle against the bug. Lice are persistent parasites and with time they have only become more and more resistant to the chemicals developed to kill them off. What other options are there? We’re happy to say that there is a way to get rid of the bugs safely and effectively without the use of any chemicals whatsoever. Rather than trying to kill off the bugs, our method removes them. Using state-of-the-art lice removal combs, our trained removal experts work through the hair carefully and meticulously to make sure each and every louse and nit has been removed. In about an hour, your treatment is complete and you’re back to regular life. Guaranteed. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, house call or school consultation, please visit our website at: www.LiceTroopers.com or call 1-800-403-LICE. Our Miami treatment center locations are here to serve you: Bay Harbor Lice Treatment Center, 1005 Kane Concourse, Suite 212, Bay Harbor Island, FL 33154 Coral Gables Lice Treatment Clinic, 2100 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33154 Hollywood Treatment Center, 5735 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33021 (Coming soon!!)