Senior Lice Care – What You Should Do

Firstly, let’s get something out of the way. If you have lice, we’ll tell you the same thing we tell everyone else; it’s okay. There are a lot of misconceptions around head lice infestations: how they only infest dirty hair, they can take days to go away and you need to use some very harmful chemicals to get rid of them. Not true, not true, and not true! In fact, it’s much easier for cleaner hair to contract lice. As for the last two misconceptions, let’s be clear; the only thing you need is a professional lice removal service and you’re be good to go.

But first, why are seniors getting lice?

The answer is multi-fold. Older adults are now participating more in childcare responsibilities. With children being more susceptible to lice infestations, it becomes easier for them to transfer lice to the rest of the household and that includes grandparents. From there, it’s even easier for those grandparents to transfer lice to others, if they live in a senior care facility.

Is Professional Lice Removal Really the Best Option?

Yes! Unlike OTC lice treatments and home remedies, ingredients used in professional lice removal treatments are not only safer, they’re effective as well. It should be noted that it is becoming tougher to get rid of lice through just the use of OTC treatments alone. Not to mention that because of this predicament, manufacturers are using more volatile ingredients that are doing more harm than good, without even offering any results. This is why it’s much safer to use professional lice treatments.

What makes them so different?

The ingredients! As a senior, your skin is more fragile. Ergo, you’ll need treatment that’s effective but gentle on your scalp and hair. Since professional lice treatments use pesticide free, non-toxic ingredients, they’re the safest and most effectual option.

Visit Lice Troopers in Weston!

Lice Troopers is at your service. Operating from our clinic in Weston, Plantation and other regions across Florida, Lice Troopers opens its doors to all senior citizens in need of professional lice removal service. Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you. If you’re at a senior care facility and would like to receive lice removal services, or are caring for a senior, give us a call at +1 800 403 5423. We offer in-home head lice removal services as well!