Itching for a Cure: Why Head Lice Make Us Frustrated

There are few afflictions known to man more frustrating than head lice infestation, and the physical, psychological and social torment caused by tiny bugs the size of sesame seeds. We all know of the embarrassment and social stigma attached to contracting head lice, as well as the age-old myths and flawed reasoning behind it. But when it comes to the physical discomfort caused by head lice, most people remain unaware of the causes underlying the notorious itch reminiscent of a lice bite.

What’s Biting At You?

Head lice are blood-sucking parasites that feed exclusively on human hosts. Typically found in women’s hair due to the length of their strands, head lice are known to transfer through close physical contact and the use of shared objects such as combs and hairbrushes. A female louse lays up to 150 eggs or nits in her lifetime and these are usually found in clusters, clinging tightly to the shaft of your hair just a few inches from the rise of your scalp. If you frequently feel an itch in your scalp, followed by the presence of red bumps on the nape of your neck, you may be experiencing a lice bite, which is known to be a direct trigger for skin allergies. The redness of skin and itchiness associated with head lice is a direct cause of the infamous bite, which keeps them healthy and strengthens their immunity against chemical repellants.

An Itch You Can’t Scratch

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, scratching a lice bite can cause it to become infected and eventually scab over. In addition, the bite itself leads to an onset of physical restlessness and frustration, which may cause temporary sleeplessness and anxiety. With the added stress of social alienation and the futility of home remedies, head lice infestation can ultimately invade every aspect of your life until you begin to contemplate a solution as dramatic as shaving your head. If you or someone you know is suffering from the agonizing attack of head lice, go the safest route and seek the counsel of a professional lice removal company. Lice Troopers is a certified team of hair care experts, specializing in lice removal services in Kendall, Florida. To date, we have successfully treated a number of clients with a raging lice infestation, using pesticide free, non-toxic solutions delivered through cutting edge technology. Visit our salon for an insightful head screening and contact us for a free consultation today!