Our War Against Head Lice

There comes a time in your life where you simply have to pick your battles. Some issues just aren’t worth fighting for; and some friends, not worth arguing with. As you grow up trying to streamline which of your turbulent episodes you should take seriously and which you should toss to the back of your mind, simply ask yourself: what’s causing harm to the quality of your life? Sometimes, small molehills of a problem can pile up over time to turn into a mountain-sized issue. In such cases, it’s your job to be vigilant and put your foot down before things escalate. Nip It in the Bud Sometimes big things come in small packages — including teeny, tiny problems. Not sure what we mean? We’re talking about the mother of all miniature pests, the microscopic bane of your existence: head lice. You can be an adult, a teenager, an adolescent or a toddler; no matter what your size, age or gender, you’re always vulnerable to a lice infestation. And the worst part? You’re likely to downplay its effect on your life until you’re spending hours before your sink with a needle-toothed comb in hand, nit-picking anxiously as long, thin strands of hair accumulate on the bathroom floor. The chances of victory in your war against head lice depends on two variables: your inclination to win and your action plan. Revise Your Battle Strategy No one enjoys the thought of their scalp becoming the breeding ground for parasitic creepy-crawlies. But if you develop a lax attitude towards your highly contagious infestation, you’re practically allowing them to procreate on your head (take some time to purge that image from your mind)! Why let intruders live rent-free in a place that is exclusively, uniquely (and biologically) yours? Reclaim your clean locks and put an end to your itchy and scratchy episode! If you’ve been browsing through shelves at the pharmacy, hoping one of those products will be your magic cure, think again! What you need is a non-toxic, pesticide free lice removal treatment from professional hair-care experts. Lice Troopers is a registered Florida-based company, delivering scientifically-endorsed solutions to your lice infestation. Visit our exclusive lice treatment salons and check out our website as we share useful tips on how to kill lice through state-of-the-art technology. Not sure where to find us or who to contact? Just give us a call and let our professionals guide you!