Midwife Crisis: How Midwifery Can Also Lead to Infestations

There’s a certain joy in being an important part of someone’s happiness. Their smile and the way their face lights up when they’re excited gives you satisfaction. Being a midwife comes with its challenges, but it can be equally rewarding. You get to hold the newborn baby close, in your arms, while tending to the needs of the mother. You get to deliver the news that they have a beautiful baby girl or a gorgeous baby boy. But before you jump up with glee, remember that there are also a few challenges you need to face. Encouraging the mother when she wants to give up, watching the father pace back and forth anxiously, and dealing with the fact that you can contract head lice during the process. Wait. What? How is the last one possible? You’re probably scratching your head in confusion. But yes, it’s possible. Here’s how:

Caring for the Mother

Your duties don’t end once you deliver the baby. You also need to make sure the mother is safe and comfortable. This means regular checkups and staying in the room with them if need be. This close and personal interaction can also make you vulnerable to a head lice infestation. If the mother has head lice, you can easily contract them if you’re not careful enough.

Advising the Family

You will also need to meet with the family at times to provide them with advice regarding the baby and mother. These interactions can also lead to an infestation of head lice You’re probably wondering whether you can contract lice while talking to someone for half an hour. The truth is, lice can crawly really fast and you won’t even realize you’ve contracted them until it’s too late!

Protecting Your Hair

So, how can you protect your tresses from these bloodthirsty parasites? The first thing you should do is make sure to cover your hair or tie it in a bun or ponytail. Secondly, make sure to get yourself screened for lice. This way, you can find out if you really do have lice. If you do, a lice removal service can help you get rid of the pesky critters! Lice Troopers is one such service. Visit our Hollywood salon or schedule in-home treatment if you prefer a discreet solution. We can help you get rid of the parasites in one sitting, using pesticide free, non-toxic solutions! Call them at 800-403-5423 for questions and to schedule an appointment.