Behind the Disguise: Why You Should Never Go For Used Wigs and Costumes

There’s a clear difference between synthetic wigs and those made of human hair. Wigs made out of human hair look a lot more real than synthetic wigs; it can be difficult to tell natural hair and wigs apart, but human hair wigs also have some disadvantages you’ll need to consider. As good as human hair wigs look, they come with many of the same problems as natural hair—a major one being that they’re susceptible to lice. That’s right, your hair on the wig may not have been growing out of your head but it is prone to lice.

Lice in Wigs

Lice don’t care if the strands on the wig don’t grow out of a scalp. The strands feel real and provide them with enough room to lay their eggs and have babies. As for food, they get that whenever you place the wig on your head. Lice have no trouble hopping off the wig and onto your scalp for some good grub (your scalp, the nape of your neck and space behind your ears). Lice are built to last; they don’t mind walking a few steps for food. If you’re someone who likes switching up their hair with the help of a wig or uses them for costumes, it’s best to always buy new wigs as opposed to sharing them with others. In case your wig is infested, here’s what you should do:

Clean Your Head and Then the Wig

It only takes 2 weeks for lice to fully infest your head. The longer you leave them in there, the more time they have to multiply. If your head feels itchy and you feel like you’ve spotted a louse or a nit, you should have your head cleaned immediately. Although OTC anti-lice products were effective in the past, new generations of lice have developed resistance to the pesticides used in conventional anti-lice shampoos and medication. Instead of wasting money on products that don’t work, it’s better to call professionals that specialize in lice removal. Lice Troopers will comb through all your hair strands to extract all the lice and nits present on your head. Our experts are trained to go through your entire scalp and hair to remove every louse and nit in just a few hours. With our services, you can rest assured you’ll be lice free in no time!

Removing Lice From Your Wig

If you don’t want to throw away your wig because of a lice infestation, make sure it’s completely free of lice before you place it on your head again. Get yourself a fine-tooth comb, massage hair oil onto the wig and get combing! Comb the wig over and over again until you’re sure that you’ve extracted all the lice in the wig. After the lice have been removed, check for nits and nymphs the same way our technicians checked your head. Once you’ve screened the head thoroughly, wash off the oil using a shampoo. Go in with a fine-tooth comb again the next few days to make sure the wig is in fact lice-free before using it again. Don’t think you can remove lice yourself from your head? Leave it to the professionals! Lice Troopers in Weston, FL provides in-home lice removal purposes, cleaning and home inspections and camp and school screenings. You can also visit us at our lice treatment salons.