A Beginner’s Guide to Effective Lice Removal

There’s a first time for everything—and first times, as we know, are always exciting and memorable. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of illnesses and afflictions that make every moment a living nightmare, especially if we’ve never had them before. We spend huge sums of money for the speediest recovery until we wake up one miraculous morning and discover it was just a temporary phase. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to escape these awful problems. Other times, we’re so removed from them that when we discover, much to our dismay, that we’ve been cursed, we go straight into panic mode, unable to fathom this is happening to us.

Head-Scratching Havoc

So, it’s your first time contracting head lice and you’re visibly upset. Dark circles from all those nights, staring into your bathroom mirror, looking for another nit; hair tied up in a perpetual bun; always in your jammies. Hey, it’s no time to celebrate—we hear you loud and clear. But contrary to popular opinion, there are several things you can do to combat the infestation. Here’s how:
  • Comb away your troubles.

Apply a generous amount of hair oil (we love organic coconut oil), and comb your hair smoothly and gently using a fine-toothed comb, right before bed. Not only is this a great way to spot a few lice and nits, but also helps you relax as you stimulate your scalp right before sleeping. Bonus points for silky smooth hair the day after!
  • Create a blog and document your journey.

Head lice may be a common affliction, but no two people share the same lice removal story. As you share your journey with others like yourself, you’re bound to find a support group as well as useful tips to help you deal with the social stigma of suffering from an embarrassing condition (which isn’t really all that embarrassing).
  • Speak with a lice removal expert.

Be wary of anyone who attempts to sell you a chemical-rich lice removal treatment, which is really only effective at eliminating money from your wallet. Do your research and discover the benefits of pesticide free lice removal treatments that are not only suitable for all ages, but 100 percent safe, given your medical history and hair type. We are a certified lice removal company, offering treatments in Orlando and Winter Park, among other regions. If you’re interested in learning more about non-toxic lice treatment service get in touch with our lice specialist Orlando and let your first-time infestation be the last time!