Who Let The Louse Out? Curbing an Outbreak in School

There’s a lot to look forward to when the new school year rolls around. New course material, exciting school trips, and getting the chance to hang out with all your friends. But among the many curveballs you’ll have to fend off during the school year, the unforeseen menace of head lice takes the cake. These tiny, bloodsucking parasites know how to make their way around a crowd. One person’s lice infection can quickly turn into a school-wide outbreak if it isn’t dealt with the right way. The CDC reports that head lice usually affect children between the ages of 3 and 11. To avoid succumbing to this uninvited visitor, here’s what can be done when there’s a lice outbreak in the school:

No Nit policy

Ideally, all schools should have an effective No Nit policy in place. Owing to the fact that head lice can travel from person to person in a number of ways, children are at great risk of getting infested. The No Nit policy ensures the children who do have lice are sent home until they are not a risk to other children around them. This way, a greater problem can be avoided preemptively. Expecting all children to be free of lice creates an environment where everyone can be healthy and happy without the fear of contracting nits.

Regular checks

Although studies have concluded that lice are not carriers of disease, they do cause significant distress and lead to a great number of missed school days. To curb an outbreak in school, it’s important to regularly check the scalp of the children in school. Research conducted the world over concludes that screening the kids’ scalps for lice is an effective preventative method to stop lice from spreading that should continue.

Screening the surroundings

One thing to remember about lice is that they can be transferred onto articles of clothing or objects too. They won’t be able to survive off a human body for longer than 24 or 36 hours. These two days are critical in terms of reinfestations, though. Hiring a professional lice removal service to screen the surroundings is a good idea to keep lice from infesting others. We can help you with that. Our expert school screening services lead to early detection that prevents a school-wide infestation. Not only will we ensure our lice specialists screen and clean the entire vicinity, we also educate you and provide an implementation plan for the future. If you’re in the Key Biscayne or Miami Beach area in South Florida, avail our services and deal with lice outbreaks the right way. Contact us or visit our treatment center in Miami Beach today.