The Nitty-Gritty Series: Are There Hidden Costs of A Lice Infestation?

Lice infestations are no joke!

These pesky critters are out there to get the best of us! With an estimated 6 to 12 million children between the ages of 3 to 11 years being affected by lice infestations, head lice are nothing short of a serious issue that can deteriorate with time.

Head louse can be transmitted through various ways. This transfer usually occurs through direct contact (at home, school or even while taking a selfie) with a person who suffers from head lice!

With no more than 10 of these wingless critters needed to make your child’s hair go from soft and silky to itchy and tangled, a head lice infestation comes many hidden costs.

What’s the Timeline?

The average time period of a head lice infestation (for preschoolers) ranges between 3 and 6 months. However, this infestation can prolong as home remedies do a poor job of eradicating the lice out properly either from the hair.

During this time, the average victim of the infestation will engage in multiple visits to the doctor because, generally speaking, they’ll being unable to correctly diagnose the cause of itchiness and loss of sleep.

Many who fall prey to head lice infestations will also engage in trying out natural remedies, which tend to take up more than a considerable portion of your day to get out of the hair without much effect on the hair lice at all!

Are You Saying I’m Wasting My Money With Natural Remedies?

Let’s just say mayonnaise and Vaseline is a sticky situation we prefer to stay out of!

Not being able to correctly diagnose what’s causing all the itching will have you running to the dermatologist, increasing your doctor’s bills. Add to that the cost of having to miss work or being drowsy at work because of lack of sleep and the added frustration of not being able to make it all go away!

So, What Are My Options?

If you or your children are affected with head lice, we recommend for you nothing short of a long-term and effective solution that will keep the problem at bay! With a professional lice removal service not only will you avoid exposing yourself and your children to the harsh chemicals and neurotoxins from over-the-counter anti-lice treatments and shampoos, but you will also save a lot of your time and effort deep-cleaning your house to counter a recurring infestation!

How Can Lice Troopers Help?

Lice Troopers is a professional lice removal service that provides both, salon and in-house lice removal services in key locations across the United States. With our treatment centers in Weston and Plantation, you can rest assured that your head lice problem will be banished for a long, long time.

Get in touch with a lice doctor in Plantation or Weston by calling us at 1 800 403 5423, today!