Is Ignorance Really Bliss? The Effects of Leaving a Lice Victim On Their Own

They say, “Ignorance is bliss” and that you should sometimes leave things the way they are. But does that really apply to lice victims? Should we ignore the cries for help from desperate victims who want to get rid of the problem? Often times, we hear something along the lines of, “Don’t go near Sandra, she has lice!” but in reality, lice infestation is not a choice. One of the main misconceptions regarding head lice is that the victim has poor hygiene. That couldn’t be far from the truth. In fact, lice do not have a preference. It doesn’t matter whether the victim’s hair is clean or unclean; lice are pesky critters that only care about human blood.

The Effects of Playground Bullying

Let’s face it. Most of us have been there. We’ve all bullied someone with lice at some point. Calling them names, isolating them, and encouraging them to shave their head. The truth is, even with something like, “sticks and stones”, the effects of bullying leave an imprint on lice victims. They are often times the butt of the joke or are perceived as ‘unclean’, because lice are wrongly associated with uncleanliness. If you Google, ‘lice shaming’, you’ll find dozens and dozens of pictures related to the problem.

How to Help

If someone you know has head lice, the first step to take when helping them is to research on head lice. The more you know about the problem, the easier it becomes. Secondly, a lice removal service will be able to help.  Lice removal clinics offer natural treatments. One of the problems with anti-lice products found in department stores is that they are laden with chemicals, like lindane and malathion. According to a report published by the FDA, lindane has been found to be dangerous to human health, causing seizures and interfering with the nervous system. The same is with malathion, which is used to kill insects and other pests. Lice removal services not only provide natural treatments, they also use special combs made of high quality materials. This guarantees complete removal of lice and nits from each strand of hair. Furthermore, lice clinics also offer in-home treatments to busy individuals who don’t have time to visit the clinic. They also home inspection so that the victims’ homes are eliminated of lice. We are a lice removal salon that offers in-home treatments, and natural treatments for removing head lice. If you or someone you know if struggling with head lice, feel free to visit our website for further information or contact us  at 800-403-5423 for booking inquiries.