Lice Prevention and Treatment: Celebrity Edition

They’re rich, they’re famous, they’re beautiful, and they’re human. Celebrities are the enviable gods of a postmodern society, sitting atop the peak of success, looking down at the world that placed them there. That’s right; they may be rich and famous, but at the end of the day, celebrities are people too! Gracing the red carpet with their impeccable figures, sculpted by the Greek gods, they cast a spell on entire masses with their mere presence, sending legions of fans into a hysterical frenzy with a single smile. Despite their flawless exterior and undeniable magnetism, however, celebrities are just like the rest of us—initiated into the cult of fame and fortune through a universal rite of passage that requires a winning combination of hard work, talent and a stroke of good luck. Underneath it all, beats the same heart—a heart that responds kindly to love and laughter, a heart that cracks at the sound rejection and anger.

Celebrities Keeping it Real

Yes, contrary to popular opinion, celebrities don’t glow, they sweat—going through the same kinds of ups and downs we do. Singers battling the flu during concert, models trying to trim the fat post-vacation, they’re not always perfect—often chastised by the public for not handling their setbacks more gracefully. We’re used to seeing them as the picture-perfect stick figures we believe them to be; but in truth, they’re real people going through real problems like you and me. They sneeze and stutter, stumble and fall. And they’re afflicted with the same kinds of diseases that plague the rest of the world. What’s more fabulous than contracting head lice, right? Here are 3 famous figures who’ve spoken openly about their fear and experiences of a lice infestation:

1. Heidi Klum 

When you’re a model, the pressure to be perfect is impossibly high. When you’re Heidi Klum, the pressure is even higher. The 42 year old model disclosed her raging battle with head lice at a hilarious sit-down with Ellen Degeneres.

2. Jennifer Garner

When you have kids, contracting head lice is expected. When you’re a celebrity mom with the all-seeing eye of the paparazzi hounding you, head lice is just another reason to never leave home.

3. Lena Headey

If Queen Cersei Lannister can contract head lice, there’s really no hope for the rest of us! Long story short, no one’s immune to the clutches of head lice. Instead of living in fear, follow the example of the rich and famous and seek professional help. For quality lice removal Pembroke Pines FL—get in touch with us today!