What They Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them: Here’s How You’re Contributing to the Lice Epidemic

Ignorance is bliss—said no scientist ever! Think of all the diseases that could have been cured, the social issues that could have been resolved, and the wars that could have been avoided, if only the world was more aware! History teaches us time and time again to always raise our voice against injustice, to be a beacon of light in dark times by spreading knowledge rather than withholding it. This means being an outspoken critic, a voice of reason, and a tower of strength—because many a times, spreading awareness means signing up for social ostracism and seclusion. Wisdom, however, lies in upholding the principles of truth, especially in an age of falsehood. Because the only thing worse than spreading disinformation is quietly watching the forest of life set ablaze by a fire of untruths.

Fighting Ignorance

The most difficult part about standing against ignorance isn’t finding a way to end it; it’s being able to distinguish truth from falsehood. In this day and age, it’s become increasingly easy to distort facts and manipulate words, presenting them as a norm. Take the example of social media posts that tend to go viral. Backed by an obscure source that no one bothers verifying, many of these posts end up being mistaken for scientific fact, causing scores of people to live their life around it. This is incredibly dangerous, as it has the power to affect your life in more ways than you realize. Think of it as consuming a delicious plate of frozen spaghetti bolognese bought from a reliable chain store, unaware that the meat you chow down is contaminated with 60 percent horse DNA. It’s frightening, it’s unsettling, it’s hazardous—and it’s just plain wrong.

Clearing the Air

Each year, 6 to 12 million people contract lice infestations, ignorant of the ineffectiveness and dangers of dabbling in home-made lice removal remedies. Besides being highly contagious, head lice are likely to return if you don’t invest in a foolproof, 100 percent guaranteed treatment that’s more damaging to the lice than it is to your scalp! This is why we at Lice Troopers do more than just sell hair treatment. Our team of lice doctors offers to visit you directly, creating customized treatments to rid your hair and home of any and all lice and nits. Do your part to end ignorance and spread the word on pesticide free, non-toxic head lice treatment Miami Beach FL today!