Think Your Hair’s Lice-Free and the Nightmare’s Finally Over? Think Again!

You untie your hair after a long day’s work, gently fluffing your pillows as you lay your head to rest against the white surface of your soft sat in pillow-case. No more rigorous hair-care routines, no more head-massages or combing your hair maniacally. No more paranoia or insecurities. You can finally have a full-length conversation with your favorite person without nearly having an anxiety attack about exposing the dark, pesky secret lurking in your hair. Pulling the warm covers over your shoulders, you sink deeper in bed, drifting into blissful slumber. Almost there, you’re suddenly caught off-guard by something crawling along the edges of your sheet, discernibly black against the striking white of your pillow. “Could it be?” you wonder, tightening your grip on the sheets, paralyzed with fear. It could be. It probably is. And we regret to inform you: it’s back with a vengeance.

Fear of the Unknown

The reason most lice removal services or lice treatments fail is because lice are resilient against over-the-counter remedies, no matter how effective the packaging claims to be. Want more disturbing details? Lice can feed off a human host for around 30 days straight, lay three to four eggs a day, and hatch in about a week, maturing within another week, ready to lay their own eggs to continue the cycle. While they generally cannot survive 24 hours without feeding on a human host, they are incredibly contagious and can spread from human contact, especially if you share objects and space with a person who’s infested. The greatest myth surrounding lice is that they can be treated using natural remedies over a long period of time. And once they’re gone, they’re never coming back. Another fallacy is their perceived absence due to a lack of visibility or itchiness. Now, you might think all hope is lost when it comes to permanently ridding your hair of vermin and pests, but before you accept defeat, focus on the light at the end of your very dark, monster-inhabited tunnel.

Nip it in the Bud – Once And For All!

Lice Troopers offers effective lice removal services, including hair inspection and professional lice treatment that is pesticide free, promising a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Battling lice isn’t a matter of finding the right product or experimenting with a host of exotic procedures. For instant results, do it the right way, the only way: consult the pros by calling them at 1.800.403.5423, and schedule an appointment today!