Why You Should Dump The DIYs And Head Over To A Lice Center

If you’ve ever tried to sit and comb head lice out of your child’s hair, and wanted to pull out your own hair in frustration, you’ve pretty much experienced how every parent feels at that point. You’ll also then agree with us; the best thing to do is hire a god sent professional service to free your family from these annoying creepy little parasites.

Why DIYs Are Ineffective

With prescription and over the counter lice solutions being toxic and mostly ineffective, most people will give you some sort of DIY recommendation to help you remove the nauseating lice infestation. Truth be told, though, most of these DIYs are just as bizarre as they sound. Shrink wrapping your child’s head, for example, never sounds like a good idea and neither does making a mayonnaise sandwich on the scalp. Most home remedies claim that these solutions “suffocate” lice and make them fall out when the hair is washed. This massively underestimates the power of head lice because they can actually hold their breath for fifteen to eighteen hours at a stretch. So when the home remedies are trying to wash the lice away, they just hold their breaths, chill and wait for the solution to be washed away before they resume sucking on our scalps.

Why You Should Go Pro for Lice Removal Service

The most effective way to get rid of head lice once and for all is to hire a professional hair lice treatment service. Here’s why it’s your best option:
  1. Professional lice removal services guarantee quick and effective care with one-on-one attention to those infected. You’ll feel satisfied being under the direct supervision and care of professional experts.
  2. Professional lice doctors are definitely faster than you would be at picking out every nit and lice, hence saving you from many more nights of itchy scalps ruining your sleep. This is especially beneficial if you or your child have a hectic routine between work and school.
  3. Home remedies are all about trial and error. This is definitely not the case when you go to a professional lice removal center, where the team of experts knows exactly how to treat your infestation with the most effective and successful solutions.

Hire Our Fighters At Lice Troopers!

Now that you’ve decided to go pro (hopefully), why not try the best lice clinic near you? At Lice Troopers, we offer professional hair lice removal services by using products which are pesticide free, chemical-free and non-toxic. We also offer in home lice removal services so you can just call us over and we’ll be at your door to save you the hassle of having to come over, and get treated in the comfort of your homes. Contact us at 800-403-5423 to schedule an appointment right away!