Lice and Men – A Brief History

Unlike many maladies and human troubles of the modern world, lice are old news! There is plenty of evidence of it in old poems, writing and other literature. Not to mention, the strong presence of lingo associated with lice! Where do you think words like lousy and nitwit come from? We’re going to very briefly go over the history of lice and tell you a little about the long standing relationship between humanity and these little pests.

The Earliest Documentation

The earliest reported incidents of interactions between human beings and lice come from back in the 1550 BC! Yes, that long ago and this was a written documentation. Rather instructions in an early medical document on how to treat lice! There have been other ancient lice treatments that have followed too. That being said, it is clear that lice were around and making themselves a nuisance well before recorded history.

Ancient Lice Treatment

Among the documents on lice and treatment of the same, some of those that stand out include literature by the Egyptians, ancient Chinese and early Jewish Rabbis! Here are some of them! Egypt 1550 BC: This treatment involves the use of slightly heated date meal. This is to be mixed with water, within a person’s mouth following which it is spat on the skin of the person with lice. China 1200 BC: Mercury compounds as well as those containing arsenic were used for lice treatment according to a document for this time. We’re not sure how much knowledge they had on mercury poisoning in humans but hey! Egypt 450 BC: Head shaving, apart from picking up as a fad in ancient Egypt was also introduced as a cure and means to prevent lice.

A Glimmer of Hope

A Glimmer of HopeIt was approximately 100 AD when the Chinese came across a flower from which they derived a natural pesticide which was effective among other things; in killing lice. This was one of the things Marco Polo brought along with him. This was also the substance that would later be used to formulate the active ingredient in modern day pesticides. Sadly, this substance was and still is ineffective against nits and lice eggs! A lot of the modern over the counter lice products still contain this substance however; due to pesticide resistance it isn’t all too effective any longer.

Covering all Bases

The most effective lice treatment today do not involve pesticide products, or spitting date meal on people for that matter! They incorporate the old yet reliable lice combing method making it more efficient with the use of special equipment, techniques and products. Where lice were once a hazard to the point of a health concern, today, they are but a bother that needs to be checked sooner as opposed to later! If you’re located in Texas and are looking for a lice treatment or removal center or specialist near you, we’ve got you covered!