Are You Immune to Head Lice in the Winter Season?

Unlike other insects, head lice do not behave as bugs usually should during the winter. While most insects either migrate or hibernate to wait out the cold season, head lice survive and actually thrive during the winter days. That is because it’s much easier for them to spread. Hats, ear muffs, hoods, scarves and even coats can cause head lice to transfer easily, mostly because all of them are stored in one place. This is especially common in schools and even offices. In addition, with the use of different hair related accessories and clothing such as hairbrushes, bedding and even pillow cases, head lice are able to easily walk from person to person. As such, head lice are considered to be a year-round problem, rather than a seasonal infestation.

What to Do to Reduce Lice Outbreak during the winter

There are several things you can do to reduce the risk of lice infestation during the cold days.
  • If you have children, you can warn them to not share jackets, scarves, hats and other wearable clothing.
  • You can also teach them to not share hair accessories such as hair bands, headbands, clips, bows as well as hair brushes and combs etc.
  • Wash all bedding and clothing that is exposed to lice with warm water and dry under the sun.
  • Inspect your children’s hair every other day for nits and louse.

What Do I Do if I Find Lice?

Firstly, never try any household remedies to get rid of lice. Aside from being basically ineffective, home remedies can have a negative effect, since you might be allergic to one or more of the ingredients. Also, watch out lice removal shampoos and tonics. The chemicals used in these concoctions work to kill the lice, but they’re quite harsh and can cause problems if you have a sensitive scalp and skin. In such situations, it’s best to contact professional at-home head lice removal services or visit our  a head lice removal salon like ours in Pinecrest or Kendall, Florida. Lice Troopers ensures complete removal of lice by using pesticide free, non-toxic treatments. We also offer state-of-the-art technology that helps clients get rid of head lice in just one sitting. Since it’s affordable, parents can easily opt for these services without worrying about their wallet.


As an adult (or an educated child), it’s your responsibility to be aware of how lice can affect your health, during the summer and winter season. Take precautions to keep yourself safe from lice, and be sure to visit Lice Troopers if you feel that familiar itch!