War Of The Lice – How Can Your Ex Help?

Work keeps piling up when you are a mom with 2 kids and have no help around the house. Add lice and weekend visits to the ex-husband in the mix. What starts next is a wine drinking spree and a few tears before setting to the difficult part of lice removal. Living with kids who have lice is panic-worthy. There is only so much a single parent can do to keep the blood sucking leeches at bay!

Hardest Part of Head Lice Removal – Taking Help from The Ex

It doesn’t matter if your child’s staying at your ex-husband’s or wife’s place for the weekend. Head lice don’t take a day off and neither can the lice removal treatments! Parents may also end up dealing with added stress wondering ‘What if he or she doesn’t continue with the treatments?’ What if my kids comes back home with more lice? Minimize the unnecessary stress and worry by enlisting your ex’s help in this mission. At least you won’t have to start all over again alone in this way. How to get them on your side? Here’s how:

First Things First – Don’t Play the Blame Game

Try to remember that no one is at fault for your child’s unfortunate head lice situation. Lice infestations happen and the only way to handle this is positively. Blaming each other (or even the child) isn’t the proper way to deal with head lice removal. Focus on finding the best way to remove lice in your situation. Future lice infestations and prevention should also be considered. What Can You Do Make it a habit to share information about lice (general and concerning your kid), collaborate and set up a treatment plan and work on it diligently. Have a teenager with lice? Set-up a lice removal appointment at Lice Troopers! The Coral Gables lice clinic offers a safe and judgmental free space for people with head lice.    

Outline Nit Policies in Your Child’s School

Some schools in Florida still have a no-nit policy in place. This means children are required to be nit-free before start of school or if there was lice found, parents need to remove them before returning to school. Other schools may have varying or additional policies. It’s important for both parents to know about any such school policy so that you can be prepared. How well you handle a bad lice situation depends on the help you have when it comes to its removal and prevention. Sign up for a membership at Lice Troopers and relax knowing our head lice removal service Coral Gables will handle this job.