A Literal Headache—Can Lice Cause Migraines?

We all have that one relative that randomly shows up to our house uninvited. You allow them to stay for two days, which soon turns into two weeks. They show up for the holidays and decide to spend two months at your home. You’ve tried booking them a hotel. You’ve tried lying about going on vacation. But they show up at your doorstep unexpected, without calling. Head lice are just like that. They’re similar to that one relative we don’t like. No matter what you do, they won’t leave. They become the source of our headaches. This gives birth to one question—can lice cause migraines? Let’s take a look.

Lice Feed Off Your Blood

These pesky critters have one motive and one motive only—to leech off your blood. But unlike leeches, they drink the nutrients from your blood as well. These nutrients help nourish your roots and scalp. A study published by the Johns Hopkins Medicine shows that while fluctuations in blood levels may not initiate migraines, it can contribute to them. When lice feed off your blood, they’re also restricting blood flow. Poor blood circulation affects energy levels. That’s why there are some days when you feel lethargic and agitated. Fatigue can also cause migraines.

Constant Scratching Leads to Injuries

One of the problems lice victims face is finding relief from itching. Constant itching is a problem, especially if the problem is severe. When your nails don’t help you find relief, you look for other tools to scratch with. Some people have injured themselves by using pencils, pens, rulers, and other sharp objects. Scratching with your nails can even lead to bleeding and inflammation. But it won’t help you get rid of the bloodthirsty parasites. Constant scratching can also cause headaches and migraines because you’re hurting your scalp. It also tugs on the roots of your hair, which can cause hair fall.

So, What’s the Solution?

That’s a good question. What is the solution to the problem? How can you get rid of these pesky critters once and for all? It’s simple—a lice removal clinic! Lice Troopers is one such service. With years of experience, our team of experts has all the tools and treatments to get rid of head lice in one sitting. They also use natural products to make sure no damage occurs to your scalp and hair. We also use special combs to make sure no nit or critter is left behind! We have been serving clients across New York for more than a decade. If you’re struggling with head lice, feel free to visit us or book our in-home services for discreet treatments. Call 516-693-8711 to book your appointment today. We are open from 8 AM to 10 PM, Sunday to Friday