Are You More Prone to Head Lice than Others?

Where there is hair there are lice. Unless you’re rocking a bald hair-do, you are not immune to this menace. We have all wondered if we are the usual target of lice compared to those around us. There are some assumptions surrounding lice infestation that might impact lice occurrence in some people than other.

Your Exposure

Like humans, lice also thrive for the company of other lice. Hence, they populate your head with an entire lice community within few days of infestation. Your vulnerability to lice is highly determined by your company. For example, parents of kindergartners are more likely to contract lice than a person with little to no interaction with kids. Infestation happens when you come in direct contact with another lice-populated head. So, next time you make friends, get a hold of their lice-track record. Moreover, parents who take their children to lice clinics once or twice a month for a natural removal considerably decrease the likelihood of lice infestation in their community. So, be responsible parents. Another assumption is between personality types, introverts v/s extrovert. Needless to say, an extrovert is likely to have more friends and get-togethers. All this puts them at higher risk of exposure to lice. Whereas, it is assumed that an introvert would have a limited gathering and friends circle decreasing his/her chances of lice infestation.

Physiological Factor

As mentioned earlier, bald territory is a no-go zone for the lice community. So, it’s safe to say that bald people are less/not likely to get lice. Another assumption is that with age, the occurrence of lice is diminished; for example, an eight-year old visit to lice removal services is higher than a thirty-year old. That being said, this is simply because kids are more susceptible to head lice due to constant head-to-head contact. Then come the people who are allergic to the saliva secreted by the lice; this allergic reaction makes the host’s head an unsettling place, evicting the lice in search of a new head. If you think you are a victim of lice abuse, get in touch with Lice Troopers at Key Biscayne or Miami Beach; or call 305-901-6186 to book an appointment now. They use pesticide free lice removal methods, providing services at home and salons and their lice membership program sets your entire family on a lice free path.