Which Is Better? Lice Removal With Our Lice Extraction Comb Or Generic Nit Combs?

At Lice Troopers, safety is our top priority. More than making our customers lice-free, we place special emphasis on making sure safe, reliable, and non-toxic procedures, tools, and products are utilized to guarantee lice removal. The methods utilized at Lice Troopers are effective and child friendly by all means. We make use of a special nit comb that’s precisely designed to not just get rid of lice, but the tough and sturdy nits as well—the most challenging aspect of ensuring 100% lice removal. That being said, we’ve all heard of those miraculous nit combs—ones that weed out those tiny critters. So should you rely on your DIY, probably non-existent nitpicking skills; or professional lice services New York? Apart from the experience, swiftness, and expertise of our professional lice doctors that assure complete removal of lice, we also make use of high-quality tools and equipment that help us eliminate lice and nits: one of them being our specialized lice extraction comb. However, before we dig into how our lice combs offer better results, let’s learn about the generic combs found in the market and their ineffectiveness. Ordinary nit combs:
  • Are made up of plastic,
  • Are broadly spaced,
  • Are easily breakable,
  • Get contaminated easily
Moreover, manual head lice removal conducted at home is time-consuming and an inefficient process. Stated below are some of the finest products utilized at Lice Troopers to deliver promised results:

Specialty Lice Comb

Our cutting-edge lice comb is custom-manufactured in Germany. It has a stainless steel body with finely-spaced teeth that are long enough to penetrate the thickest hair. The teeth of the comb are particularly designed to eliminate nits and lice that are sturdily attached to the hair and head. Not many people know that our lice comb is ranked number 1 for eliminating head lice and nits. That’s primarily because these lice combs are reusable, can be sanitized and come with a warranty.

All-Natural Head Lice Treatment Lotion

This lotion is specifically created to moisturize and fortify hair, making it easier to comb out lice and nits. Made using some of the finest natural ingredients, this lotion is safe for all—kids, adults, elderly, and people with color-treated hair.

All-Natural Head Lice Prevention SprayAll-Natural Head Lice Prevention Spray

The lice prevention spray is free of chemicals and is toxin free. It is made using juice extracted from garlic cloves. It is the strong smell of garlic that drives nits and lice away. However, the smell doesn’t last long and remains undetected on you or your child. In your quest for lice-free hair, the best head lice treatment New York wins hands down. Get treated for head lice in New York. Read through some of our success stories, or make a direct appointment by calling at 347-391-7730.