A Not-So Lice Invitation: Where Do Head Lice Come From?

We’ll be the first ones to say lice jokes aren’t funny to parents. How can they be funny when your entire life is completely thrown off, because of some creepy critters who can’t seem to mind their own business, and stay away from you! Yet head lice are as common as the hair on your child’s head, which by the way is now infested with an unknown number of nits and adult lice! How did this happen? Why did this happen? What can parents do to resolve this lousy issue and prevent further infestations? Most importantly, where do lice come from? These are some questions swirling in the minds of parents, but is there any answer?

Geographic Origins of Lice

Scientists did some research on the subject and have come with the following information: Head lice are categorized into clades… According to the Journal of Parasitology the common pediculosis humanus capitis is divided into three clades. They are known to feature certain genetic characteristics and location of origin. Clade B category head lice:
  • Was discovered in North America
  • Migrated to Europe, Australia and most of the world

Addressing a Common Misconception about Head Lice

A bad case of head lice can be embarrassing. However, there is nothing to be anxious or stressful over this issue! Contrary to popular belief, head lice aren’t a sign of poor hygiene. Similarly head lice infestations don’t only affect people of lower economic class but rich and famous people too! Additionally, adults are as much risk for lice infestations as are children, especially adults working in childcare settings.

Fun Facts about Head Lice: Is Your Head Tickling Yet?

The following is a collection of facts about head lice that will let you know basics of this critter.
  • The human head louse only attacks humans
  • Lice cannot be caught from pets or animals
  • A female head louse can lay up to 10 eggs daily
  • Nits are often confused as dandruff
  • Lice prefer warm and dark living conditions
  • Lice can survive for 24 to 48 hours without a human host
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