5 New Year’s Resolutions for Healthier Hair

We’re quite close to ringing the New Year in, and if you aren’t glad to say goodbye to 2017, then you must certainly be eager to start over a new leaf in 2018! A lot of us make resolutions for the year to come, a way to promote self-improvement, pushing one’s self to make much-needed changes in our lives. Whether you’re a believer in resolutions or not, here are five that can help you promote the health of your hair in 2018—and who doesn’t want a head full of luscious hair?

The Right Products

One thing you can dedicate yourself to for the next year is the mission to find the right kind of hair products. These include everything from your shampoo and conditioner to your hair serum and styling mousse. Given the kind of hair you have, there’s something out there that best suits your strands. Additionally, for healthier, voluminous hair, you want to invest in products that are ideally free of harmful chemicals.

Health and Nutrition

Your physical health naturally plays a part in the well-being of your scalp and your mane. The right diet and adequate exercise can help ensure that your hair stays strong and lustrous! The resolution to eat your veggies and hit the gym can come under your bid to enhance your hair health for the new year.

Regular Hair Masks

Conditioning and applying hair masks on the regular can go a long way in giving you an eye-catching mane of hair that will have heads turning! This kind of practice can serve to keep your tresses soft and give them an irresistible sheen.

Trimming Practices

One standard habit that contributes significantly to the health of your hair is that of regular trims. Periodic visits to the salon to get your hair trimmed helps in getting rid of split ends, keeping it looking neat and tidy.

Keeping Lice at Bay

One creature that remains to be the enemy of healthy, clean hair is the head louse. These critters are quite notorious for their penchant for the human scalp—once they make your head their home, it can be tough to get them to let go. However, with regular head lice screenings and the help of a professional lice removal service like Lice Troopers, you can strive to keep the pesky parasites at bay. No more itchy nights for you in 2018! We provide head lice removal service Kendall, Pinecrest, and a number of other locations in the state of Florida. Give us a call at 1 800 403 5423 to book your appointment—we do lice screenings and home inspections too!