What Are Your Plans For This National Head Lice Awareness Month?

We certainly enjoy many national holidays over the course of a year as a united nation. America is of those awesome countries that marks a historic day for all things mundane (or not). We enjoy a national donut day, an iced coffee day, a pizza day… as well as some really serious national days and months like Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It wouldn’t be surprising if this country marked a national head lice month, considering the epidemic faced by parents, schools and other institutions. With an alarming rate of 6-12 million head lice infestations taking place every year, it has become a rising concern for parents and school administrators. Mutant lice also pose another concern especially for those who depended on OTC chemical based lice removal products for treating lice. Fortunately for harried parents and stressed out education officials, salvation is coming with the arrival of national head lice awareness month.

Back-to-School Coincides with Head Lice Awareness Month – It’s No Coincidence

For many late starting schools across the country, September marks the end of ‘back-to-school season’, meaning a large number of students begin attending their respective schools. More head lice outbreaks happen during the first few weeks of being back to school compared to any other reason! So, don’t be surprised if your precious is sent home with a lice note attached to her bag or you receive a phone call from the school’s nurse.

Fall Is Peak Season for Lice

According to a press release published by Science Daily, there are higher chances of lice infestations in fall which is why September is assigned head lice awareness and prevention month. It’s always a good idea to lay down an effective battle plan before heading into battle… which is why the press release addresses aspects of head lice infestations among children. According to the press release, “Lice are often found in the heads of preschoolers and elementary-school students. Children of this age like playing together and have close head-to-head contact in closed spaces, making chances of lice transmission higher.” What does your battle plan against head lice contain for head lice prevention? Look at the following steps… can you implement them in your head lice prevention routine?
  • Avoid head-to-head contact with a lice infested individual
  • Avoid sharing clothing and items like hats, hair ribbons, coats, sports uniforms and helmets
  • Avoid lying on beds, couches, or pillows that have been recently vacated by a lice infested person
  • Avoid sharing hair accessories like brushes, combs, or towels
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