What Can You Do to Eradicate Head Lice in Your Home?

If you are serious about protecting yourself and your children from lice infestations, then the place to start is in your own home. Lice infestations often result from bugs and nits carried into the homeon the clothes and then finding their way tofurniture, bed sheets, or even pillows. Lice infestations do not pose a serious health hazard, but it is a disease that requires attention, and can lead to severe complications if not treated immediately. Parents can take the proper steps to ensure their child is protected form the condition and should do what they can to minimize the chances of lice infestation in the home. An important way you can get rid of lice, or help to avoid it, is through adequate house cleaning and frequent maintenance.

Home lice removal methods

  1. Thoroughly clean the interior of your car. Make sure to wipe down or vacuum the seat covers, especially where you child rests his or her head.
  2. Regularly wash all of your child’s bedding using hot water and make sure to dry all items using the highest temperature. The high temperature will help kill any lice on items such as bed sheets, pillows, pillow covers, and blankets. Pillows should be dried at the highest temperature for around 60 minutes.
  3. Change pajamas, sheets, towels and pillow covers on a daily basis. Regular washing will help remove any lice and keep you and your child free from trouble.
  4. It is also essential that you wash your combs and hairbrushes frequently. You can pour slightly boiling water on your brush and comb to instantly kill lice.
  5. Items that are not washable can be sealed in plastic bags.

Professional service

You can also look to a professional service to completely remove all traces of lice from your home. Lice Troopers offers the best of quality home inspection and cleaning services that can remove the burden of doing the extra work of deep cleaningyour home. The services are available both during weekdays and weekends and performed by our expert technicians. Our professional services include tasks such as thorough vacuuming of carpets, cleaning of mattresses, furniture, and rugs. The cleaning services are performed within two hours.