Why You Shouldn’t Shave Your Head Because of Lice

It’s understandable why you might think that shaving your child’s head is a good idea.

Lice take their food from the scalp, lay their eggs at the base of the follicles and can easily hide in the hair once you start combing. Over the counter treatments just don’t cut it anymore, you know it. Considering all of this—if you shave their head, get rid of the hair, no more space for lice to hide or lay eggs. It’s just logical, right?


What if we told you that shaving their head makes things even more difficult?

Our Argument

Let’s be clear!

Even if you shave off your child’s hair, the quarter of an inch left over will still be enough for the lice to stay put. They’ll still feed off the scalp and will still attach the nits at the base of the follicles (since it’s still there). The hair will eventually grow and the nits will hatch.

So technically speaking, you’ll just be adding to your problems.

Keep in mind, no child (unless they’ve always sported a buzz cut) will be okay with shaving off all their hair. And even if they do agree to it, they’ll still worry about being bullied at school.

A Health Code Violation

This step will also backfire on you as salons cannot treat children who have lice infestations—doing so would count as a health code violation on your part.

So you’re left with one option— to do it yourself. If you don’t have any experience with shaving heads, it’s much better to avoid going that route and seek help from lice removal services.

What Should You Do?

Book an appointment at Lice Troopers and bring your children in for a natural lice removal treatment.

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We conduct in-depth head screenings and pick each nit out of your child’s head without the use of chemical solutions. The treatments are pain-free, fast and 100% guaranteed to leave their head critter-free.

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