Superheroes or Super Villains What Lice Infestations Can Teach You About Life

What’s worse than finding out that you have bloodthirsty critters crawling on the strands of your hair? It’s the effort it takes to get rid of them! Lice have been around since the beginning of time. They are the sworn enemies of mankind, following us wherever we go. And just when we think we’ve gotten rid of them, they show up at our doorstep, ready to move back in. But before you jump on the hate bandwagon, remember that life is full of lessons, not just lice infestations. We’re not saying lice are good; quite the opposite, actually. But that doesn’t mean living with lice can’t teach you anything! Here’s what you can learn dealing with lice:

You Learn to Appreciate Your Hair

We’ve all been there—taking our hair for granted. Whether it was not brushing it for days (Oops) or not washing it properly, we’ve had our days of ignoring the needs of our hair. So when lice invade, you learn to take better care of your hair. During this time, you’ll learn that not everything works out the way you want it to. Repeated failures and attempts to save your hair from the clutches of your sesame seed-sized foes will teach you how to have a better relationship with your hair.

It’s Not the End of the World

It may seem like your troubles are never-ending, but the truth is, it’s not the end of the world. It probably feels that way because getting rid of lice is extremely difficult, especially when you’re doing it alone.  After all, lice are a common problem, with 6–12 million people contracting lice annually in the U.S. Similar to comic book fiction when a powerful opponent shows up, the superhero can feel daunted and maybe even lose hope. Then they realize, that they can overcome with the right resources and plan. You’re not alone when facing the problem. You will get through this! You’ll learn to accept your flaws and failures. You’ll learn that if one thing doesn’t work, you’re not defeated. There are solutions. We just need to find the right answer to our problems.

Home Remedies are NOT the Answer

Our first instinct is to run to the computer and Google everything related to lice remedies. But the truth is that these so-called “miracle” remedies overpromise and under-deliver. These remedies provide temporary solutions, if any at all. You have to be careful about concoctions that might only make things worse. Would mixing mayonnaise with tea tree oil really get rid of lice? No, but the solution can irritate your scalp and damage your hair. Additionally, mayonnaise does not contain any ingredients that can help get rid of head lice. Instead, it has been said to nourish hair and provide nutrients for the parasites to then leech off on.

Lice Removal Services are the Answer

In some shows, they show that the superhero realizes that in order to defeat a powerful foe, he/she needs to team up with other superheroes. Teamwork goes a long way! A lice removal service can help you identify how severe the problem really is. In addition, they will use natural solutions to get rid of the problem. Lice Troopers is one such service in Hollywood. We can help you beat the enemy using powerful tools and weapons—natural treatments and special combs! We offer exceptional solutions when it comes to head lice removal. Our team of lice specialists brings you a 100% guaranteed solution to all your head lice woes, ensuring that you and your family remain lice-free in the long-run. Contact us today to become lice-free! In addition, we also offer in-home treatment if you want discreet solutions.