Lice Alert: 3 Celebrities and Their Experience with Lice

When it comes to head lice, no one is immune to the nasty critters, not even celebrities! After all, most of them are parents; just like you, they’ve also had to suffer through lice outbreaks and troubles, and the long tumultuous task of combing through their child’s hair with a nit comb. Here are three tales of celebrity moms who had a thing or two to say about their experience with icky lice!

Courtney Cox

When her then five-year-old daughter Coco got head lice, the situation went from bad to worse because the infestation spread among all the members of the house. Stemming from a sleepover her daughter had had with a daughter of another friend (an unnamed actress), Cox was forced to make the dreaded call that her daughter also had lice. Thankfully, the other mother did not take offense to the situation and simply wrote it off as a rite of passage. The problem became even more intolerable when Cox herself got lice as well and had to go to salons and clinics while being followed by paparazzi. Thankfully though, she persevered!


The Queen of Pop had to deal with a scare when one of her younger ones got lice as well. Though she considered using the age-old remedy of using vinegar to douse the lice, she couldn’t go forward with it since her kids refused. After that, she had to use a special anti-lice product to get rid of the lice. MadonnaIn her case, she became so paranoid and worried after the experience that she couldn’t even lie down on her pillow without worrying about the creepy critters were making their way into her hair. Don’t worry, Madge. We’ve all been there!

Jennifer Garner

Talk about embarrassing moments! Jennifer Garner and her then-husband Ben Affleck were informed by the school nurse that her daughter had gotten a lice infestation, and that Garner and Affleck would most likely get it as well. Jennifer GarnerThey were both recommended a lice treatment at a clinic, which they opted for. However, during the course of the treatment, the couple had to go to a big party. And the first person they saw on arrival was George Clooney. Though clean and washed, to Jennifer’s horror, she saw that Clooney could smell the treatment on her but didn’t say anything. To this day, Garner says that it’s still one of the most embarrassing moments she’s ever gone through. Considering it was George Clooney who’s involved in this situation, we sympathize!

Worried about Your Own Lice Issue?

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