How Lice Troopers is Using Technology to Revolutionizethe World of Lice Prevention

When it comes to preventing lice infestations, everyone has an opinion on how to avoid getting head lice. From regular screenings to at-home care, there are several things you can do to prevent lice. However, this isn’t always enough. This is why Lice Troopers has embraced online resources and available technology to make lice prevention even easier.

Lice Troopers: Your One-Stop Solution

At Lice Troopers, you get more than just a quick fix for head lice removal. While we offer a comprehensive range of professional lice removal services both at our salon as well as in homes, schools, and camps, our efforts don’t end here. In addition to providing lice treatment, we also make the most out of available technology and resources to meet our clients’ needs. Our non-toxic and pesticide free lice removal and treatment products are available on Amazon for instant online shopping. These include the Lice Troopers Thickening Agent, Lice Troopers Odorless Lice Repellant, Lice Troopers Multipurpose Leather Cleaner, and of course, our comprehensive Lice Troopers Lice Treatment Kits (available for1–4 individuals). By making our products available online, we’ve gone one step further in helping prevent lice outbreaks. Once our lice specialistshave performed a thorough screening at your desired location and provided the required treatment, you can then purchase the relevant products from our website for future use. These will help you evade the risk of getting head lice again, and will ensure that you’re equipped with the right treatment products should the problem reoccur.

Introducing the Lice Alerts Feature

Our team at Lice Troopers is committed to maximizing online resources for the benefit of our customers. With our Lice Alerts feature, you can stay in the loop about any lice outbreaks in your area and take precautionary measures promptly. It’s much easier to prevent lice infestations if the critters are identified and treated on time. Lice Alerts helps in doing just that. By signing up for this feature, you can receive emails and notifications from our team whenever lice are reported in or near your area. This will allow you to stay on guard and keep your family safe from lice. Lice Alerts works both ways. You can also report an outbreak to us through this feature and inform us immediately if you notice any signs of these critters in your neighborhood or your child’s school. This helps in preventing a lice infestation in your community. Reach out to our lice specialists in either Woodmere or Lynbrook by calling at 516-693-8711!