We tend to think of head lice as a condition that only affects children and young teens, but infestations are on the rise among college students and adults as well. Misunderstanding and lack of information about this common parasite often leaves us scratching our heads and wondering “ How did I get lice ?” When you understand how you can get it, you also learn how you can prevent it. The Kids This is probably the most common way parents become infested. The children bring it home from school and soon the couch cushions and hairbrushes are covered with bugs and nits. Living in close contact, it’s easy to see how a parent would end up battling the bugs as well. Close contact with children—your own or others’—can spread lice, especially if contact has been head-to-head. The Gym You might be thinking about the bacteria on that gym mat, but people often don’t realize that shared gym equipment that comes into contact with the head is also a prime way to spread these parasites. To avoid leaving the gym with more than a good sweat, use your own yoga mat and be sure to disinfect and wipe down shared gym equipment that touches the head or hair. Sharing Belongings The main culprits are hairbrushes, hair accessories, pillows, hats and coats. Since adults are less likely to share these items than children, their risk of contracting an infection is generally lower. However, it still happens, especially among college students who live in closer quarters and tend to share belongings. To prevent a case of the bugs, keep these personal items for personal use only. Public Spaces Think movie theatres, hotels, airplanes and any public spaces that have upholstered furniture that may come in contact with the head or hair. The reality is, it can be hard to avoid lice in public spaces. And there’s no need to become a fanatic, refusing to touch your head to a movie seat or airplane chair. Sometimes lice are impossible to avoid. Notice that none of the common causes have anything to do with personal hygiene! It is a common stigma that the head louse parasite takes up residence only among those who practice poor hygiene or people of lower socioeconomic status. This is a myth. Bugs and nits are pleased to invade the hair of any human, regardless of where they live or how clean their hair is. In fact, the bugs often tend to prefer clean hair, being repelled by strong odors. The good news is, if you do find yourself with an infestation, there’s help. With Lice Troopers, a quick screening can confirm it and then immediate treatment ends the problem once and for all. Our pesticide free treatment method is so effective, we guarantee it after just one appointment. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, house call or school consultation, please visit our website at: or call 1-800-403-LICE. # # # About Us Lice Troopers is the pesticide free, guaranteed Head Lice Removal Service™ that manually removes the head louse parasite safely and discreetly in our child-friendly salon setting or other chosen location. Providing safe solutions for frantic families, our team has successfully treated thousands of families nationwide. Our services are widely recommended by pediatricians and are reimbursed by many major health insurance carriers, flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts. We also provides a 100% treatment guarantee. Get lice free today with Lice Troopers. Contact: Jennie Harel, President 800.403.5423