3 Local Hotspots That Are Breeding Grounds for Head Lice

When you go to the movies, the last thing you worry about is contracting head lice. Yet, it’s the one place, among several other meeting spots, that’s notorious for breeding blood-sucking parasites. Hopping from head to head, they attack silently and leisurely, every scene in the film being a cue for another victim. If you’re an outgoing person with a zest for life—you’re unfortunately more prone to a lice attack than your reclusive counterpart. And if you’re even a tad touchy feely, someone who likes to build bridges with a smile, you may be spreading more than good cheer with each group hug…

Hanging Out

Not everyone enjoys going out as much as others; and many of us actually enjoy the quiet solitude of the great outdoors, far away from human voices. Despite our love for Nature, however, we live in a world of 7 billion people—and as such, bound to come into close proximity with someone, be it by will or accident. And you know what they say about head lice? One infested head is all it takes.

The Big Three

Avoiding lice in public places is like avoiding rats in a sewer—it’s where they live and thrive! The fact of the matter is, head lice are all around us, hidden in plain sight. Here are 3 places you never thought you’d find them:

1. Camping Trips

You hike together, hunt together, eat together, sleep together. Confined in one place, you’re likely to contract them faster than you can say “Kumbaya”.

2. Sports

You’re on the offensive line, you don’t know the opponent, time for attack, crowd goes wild, heads colliding—the end.

3. Bonfires

Sitting around the fireplace, eating roasted marshmallows, listening to fascinating ales from well-traveled strangers, what’s not to love (besides well-traveled head lice)? With the alarming lice epidemic in several states of the US, particularly Florida, a growing number of people are looking into safe and effective treatment for themselves and their loved ones. We have been in the hair care industry for years, and our team of lice doctors have developed pesticide free, non-toxic solutions to your pestering problem. Instead of avoiding the places commonly associated with head lice, make your life easier by going for regular head screenings and seeking the right treatment from qualified professionals. We are a head lice removal salon Pembroke Pines FL that guarantees 100 percent removal. Call us today and let our professionals us help you!