Getting a New Haircut? Don’t Get Lice!

When you spend years growing and nourishing your hair, a haircut is a pretty big deal. We all have someone whose hair we admire. Whether it’s a celebrity or that one pretty girl we knew in high school, there’s always someone who inspires us to experiment with our personal style. But when you’re sitting a high chair with a black drape around your neck, and your hair in the hands of a person you barely know, it’s normal to fear for the unknown fate of luscious, precious mane. Your hair is an extension of your personal choices, your style and personality. From strawberry blonde hair, to a nice, short bob—it’s all up to you! But when you’re dealing with a problem like head lice, your personal sense of style becomes a limited option. Hiding your hair with a beanie or tying it up to cover nits becomes the norm. And before you know it, you’re running towards the hairdresser, wanting to get your hair shaved.

Remove Lice, Not Your Hair

It’s understandable that head lice can be frustrating to deal with. The last thing you want is for your social life to suffer. But many people dive into a series of dramatic solutions: home remedies and shaving off their hair! Dealing with head lice, in reality, doesn’t have to be painstakingly difficult. While we all dive headfirst to the first thing that pops up in our mind (or the search results on Google), it’s important to take a deep breath and avoid using OTC products and home remedies. This is because these products are laden with harsh chemicals that can damage your scalp and cause health problems (in the case of lindane and ovide). And while it can seem like the world is ending, there are better and more natural solutions to get rid of the problem. One of these is professional lice removal services. Lice removal services offer natural and feasible solutions to all your lice woes. And while it’s easy to shave off your hair, remember that head lice affect you both psychologically and physically as well. It’s easy to take a pair of scissors and cut your hair short but you’ll end up realizing that you’ve lost a part of yourself—and not by choice! While haircuts can be great, make sure to go for a head lice screening every 3 months or so to ensure that you haven’t contracted head lice. Contact Lice Troopers and let their team of professional lice specialists help you fight back with your hair intact!