Explaining To Kids That Catching Lice Isn’t Their Fault

When young children tease their classmates for having contracted lice, they do it because they’ve heard their parents claim that infestations are a shameful thing. In reality, nearly 6 to 12 million individuals worldwide have head lice. To dispel this misconception, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that head lice are not linked to poor hygiene or lifestyle. Although infestations should be avoided, they definitely shouldn’t become a reason to ostracize kids. This is a lesson we have to teach our kids. Catching head lice isn’t their fault.

The Social Stigma of Head Lice

Anyone who’s contracted lice understands the social isolation they can be subjected to once people find out. Schools and playgrounds are the most frequent places where young kids can bully a child with an infestation and exclude them from play and other activities. Sometimes, teachers exacerbate the problem when they enforce strict rules like keeping a distance form kids with lice. Such things only cement the stigma and convince children that head lice are the stuff of nightmares.

Avoid Ineffective Lice-Removal Methods

It’s unfortunate that some upset moms and dads try to treat head lice on their own before agreeing to receive professional help. Lice-shaming and social isolation are two big factors that lead to these parents attempting to get rid of the problem without anyone finding out. They use over-the-counter lice removal products which have already been proven to be ineffective in eliminating all live lice and nits. Even if they follow product use instructions to the T, their child’s head remains a home for these parasites. Additionally, dumping harsh pesticides on a child’s head can damage the quality of their hair or lead to skin problems.

Get Help From the Pros

Parents often feel defeated when they put in so much effort day after day, to no avail. The problem is that their efforts are misdirected. Reaching out to an expert head lice removal clinic like Lice Troopers is the only 100% guaranteed solution to a head lice infestation. Not only does our team of trained and experienced lice doctors successfully remove all traces of lice and their eggs, but they also educate clients and children about why the infestation isn’t their fault. If you’re in or around Plantation or Weston, Florida, schedule an appointment at our lice treatment center by calling at 954-652-6101.