Bold, Not Bald: Why Shaving Your Head Isn’t the Solution

“There’s a rumbling in my head It’s getting louder and louder There’s a shaking in my bones It’s getting stronger and stronger” – Itch by Nothing But Thieve

When you’re left dealing with certain nasty critters, everything becomes about them. Watching Breaking Bad becomes “Breaking Bald,” reading “Of Mice and Men” becomes “Of Lice and Men” and listening to “Itchy, Twitchy Feeling” is never the same. But most people deal with head lice by going for the most extreme treatments (to be fair, everything is extreme when it’s lice.) And that is to shave their head. Now, for some people, that may not look as drastic as it sounds. But for those who have spent years growing their hair and taking care of it, there’s nothing more devastating to watch it all get chopped off—one strand at a time. But the question that’s worth a million bucks is: do you really need to shave your head? Here’s why the answer is NO:

You Care for Your Hair

This reason TOPS every reason. You spent years growing out your locks. Why should you have to shave it off just because of a couple (hundreds) of critters? There has to be a way to salvage your precious mane without compromising, right? Most people shave their head as a last resort. But of course, you can’t go down without a fight!

Head Lice CAN Be Removed

Trust us, it may seem like the end of the world but it’s not. Head lice aren’t a chronic condition like diabetes or high blood pressure. It’s actually treatable and preventable! One of the BIGGEST mistakes head lice victims make is trusting OTC products and home remedies to get the job done. It’s very understandable that you’re desperately seeking solutions. But these products can actually damage your hair and scalp! Dry, brittle and inflamed scalp is the result you’ll get because these products are laden with pesticides like lindane and malathion! These chemicals are known to be cancerous to human and animals. So, what’s the solution?

Head Lice Removal to the RESCUE!

Lice removal services offer natural and affordable solutions to all your lice woes. And while it’s easy to shave off your hair, remember that head lice affect you both psychologically and physically as well. It’s easy to take a pair of scissors and chop off your precious mane but you’ll end up realizing that you’ve lost a part of yourself—and it won’t be by choice! Contact Lice Troopers Miami and let their team of professional lice specialists help you fight back with your hair intact!