Dirty Hair or Clean Hair – Lice don’t Care

There’s this misconception that only dirty people catch lice – they don’t. Research has shown time and again that whether you have clean hair or dirty hair, both are equally susceptible to catching lice. Head lice are parasites; they don’t require much to survive other than food which they can get from any kind of scalp. Dirty or clean, if lice can suck blood from your scalp, they will crawl on it whenever they get the chance! So if cleanliness isn’t a factor, what is? The following groups are most prone to catching lice:


Children aged 3-11 are most susceptible to catching lice. This is mainly because they are in close proximity to one another making it significantly easier for them to catch lice. Daycares, schools, playgrounds and gymnasiums are all hotbeds for lice outbreaks.

People with long hair

Lice need a scalp for food and they need hair to keep them warm. People with long locks provide lice with the surface area needed for lice to hop onto a head making those with longer hair more vulnerable to catching them. Keeping hair tied up and braided close to the scalp can sufficiently lower the chances of you catching lice; this tip applies to children too.

Adults that interact with children

If you’re an adult with young children or if you’re a professional that works in close proximity with kids, you’re automatically more prone to catching lice. Schools are very susceptible to lice breakouts but they can be prevented with regular head screenings.

Professional Lice Removal Services

Both parents and schools can hire professional lice removal services to ensure that their kids remain lice free. Lice Troopers provides camp and school screenings. In these screenings our team of technicians thoroughly inspects each child’s head for lice and nits. In the case we spot lice and nits on a child’s head, we’ll advice the parents to avail our lice removal services either in the comfort of their homes or at our lice treatment center Winter Park and Orlando where we use pesticide free products and advanced technology to clear your child’s hair. Our technicians will extract lice and their nits. We even provide home cleaning and inspection services to prevent re-infestations. Next time you see your child consistently scratching their head, don’t fret! Just give us a call at 407-893-3940, we’ll make your child lice-free in no time!