Home Head Lice Removal Remedies You Should Not Try

While a head lice infestation isn’t desirable, it can happen to anyone regardless of their level of personal hygiene. Fortunately, head lice don’t carry diseases but it’s crucial to spring into action at the first sign of such a parasite attack. The only way to successfully remove lice and nits is by visiting a reputable lice removal clinic that offers effective lice removal services led by certified professionals. Unfortunately, there are several ‘sure-fire’ ways to get rid of the problem at home. Let’s be clear, there is no scientific evidence that these methods are useful in controlling lice infestation. This means that these supposedly effective home remedies seem to be nothing more than old fishwives’ tales when it comes to actual results. If you’re wondering which of the entirely ineffective yet still commonly used home remedies you need to know about, read on.

Coconut Oil

There’s nothing that a dollop of coconut oil cannot fix—apart from a nasty case of head lice. There are many bloggers who claim that an effective home remedy to get rid of lice is to coat your scalp with some coconut oil. This supposedly traps the little critters on your head and stops them from jumping onto the heads of people surrounding you or any other surface. However, in reality, all this is good for is greasing your hair but not trapping lice. Instead, a professional’s lice-removal products are what you need to ensure you become lice-free for good.

Wet Combing

Wet combing may only work if you apply lice treatment products like those used by Lice Troopers. After completing your treatment regimen, wet combing may be used at home to keep track of the condition of your scalp. wet combingStart by properly spraying your hair with water and then slowly combing through it with a lice comb. Adding conditioner to the hair might make it easier to glide the comb over the length of your hair. Likewise, section your hair off to get easier access to all parts of your scalp. Repeat this process every 3 to 4 days for a couple of weeks, revisiting the lice removal salon if you notice signs of repeat infestation.

Try Nit Picking

We don’t mean nagging your kids for not doing their homework. We mean literally picking out lice eggs called nits from your hair. Without removing nits, there’s little chance of remaining lice-free for long. There are several tools lice doctors use such as special nit combs or natural treatments which makes it hard for the lice and nits to stick on to hair shafts, making it easy to pick them out with a comb.

Enjoy Pesticide Free At-Home or In-Clinic Lice Removal Treatment

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