When was the last time you heard about any adult having head lice? And yet we hear of infestations and outbreaks in classrooms, at summer camps and among athletic teams all the time. Why are children a prime target for lice?

The head louse parasite, while pesky and hard to get rid of, is generally quite predictable. The bug lives in the hair and on the scalp so that it can feed on the blood of its human host, which it accesses through the scalp. So the goal of the louse is always to make it toward the head so as to continue its own life cycle, while laying eggs (nits) and continuing the infestation.

The bugs pass either through head to head contact or through the sharing of personal belongings such as hats, hairbrushes and bedding. And this is where the answer to the question lies. Kids and teens are in close contact, they wrestle on the floor, they sleep with stuffed animals that have touched another child’s head, they share hats and hairbrushes. It is these activities—far more common among children than adults—that make kids far more susceptible to a case of head lice.

But that doesn’t mean adults are immune, many times the parents of a child who has been exposed will end up with their own infestation. Adults should also take care in public places such as fitness centers, yoga studios, movie theatres and on public transportation as the bugs and nits can adhere to equipment and seats and pass from one individual to the next.

An infestation, whether in children or adults, is not cause for panic, but it should be handled urgently in order to stop the spread and eliminate the discomfort. No need for harsh chemicals or pesticide treatments. The pesticide free approach is not only safer, it’s also more effective.

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Jennie Harel, President