Nibble With a Cause: Are Lice Bites Infectious?

There comes a time in our lives where we learn to expect the unexpected. Tangoing with the thunderbolt of surprises Fate sometimes throws our way, we’ve come to accept that things don’t always go as we plan. Going to a meeting when you suddenly realize you lost an important document Going out for coffee and encountering your ex at the counter Preparing dinner for guests and suddenly, there’s a thunderstorm But then there are things that you don’t expect at all. There are situations we find ourselves in that we are never prepared to deal with. And one of those situations includes dealing with head lice.

The Devil Is In the Details

Have you ever woken up feeling extremely exhausted even though you’ve gotten plenty of rest? Have you ever woken up with leg cramps or difficulty concentrating? There are days you can’t get up and even walking to the fridge feels like a chore. You’re mentally exhausted, physically drained. And you can’t pinpoint the cause. For some people the cause is depression, but for others, it’s creepy, silent critters that have invited themselves into your hair; nesting in the crown of your head, without your knowledge. While lice don’t carry diseases, they can still lead to you developing one. Because they suck blood and the nutrients from your scalp, lice infestations can lead to anemia. In fact, studies show that there’s a probability that lice can lead to iron deficiency. The report shows that in one case, a patient was admitted to the hospital because of severe anemia, in relation to head lice! Which brings us to our next point—are lice bites infectious? While lice don’t carry bacteria of any kind, their bites can lead to severe itching. Once your child starts scratching their head, their scalp becomes vulnerable to irritation. An irritated scalp becomes exposed to bacteria in the air. This can lead to infections and ailments.

Here’s What Can Be Done

We understand that your first thought is to go to your nearest pharmacy to buy anti-lice products. That’s what every desperate parent does.  But chemicals can lead to severe injuries to the scalp—even third degree burns! A pesticide known as lindane is heavily used in anti-lice shampoos. This pesticide has been declared as carcinogenic by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The worst part is, it’s used in anti-lice products that are targeted at desperate parents. Some products even encourage parents to leave the solution in for 4 hours! Your next choice is probably mayonnaise, tea tree oil, or baking soda. But these home remedies aren’t wonderful either. They come with their own demons. They can make the scalp dry and even more irritated than before! The only solution to all your lice-related woes is going to a professional lice removal clinic. An expert can naturally treat your child’s luscious locks without damaging them! At Lice Troopers, we only use natural shampoos and solutions. Our lice combs are also made with exceptional-quality materials so that your child’s hair and scalp are safe! Visit our lice clinic Coral Gables, Florida to get rid of head lice from your child’s hair! And if you don’t have enough time to travel, we also offer head lice home treatment! So give us a call at 800-403-5423 to book an appointment. *We are open from 8:00–9:00 PM, 7 Days/Week