When a case of head lice hits, we all want it gone fast. That’s why so many parents reach for what seems like the “quick fix”—some super-strong chemical that promises to kill them all off. The problem is, these treatments aren’t effective. So now you’ve doused your child’s head in chemicals and you still have the bugs on your hands. What to do? There is actually a quicker fix—an approach that actually will get rid of the parasites once and for all. That’s manually removing them using a specially designed removal comb, also known as nitpicking. While this procedure takes time and patience, it is the only method that is proven effective in eradicating the problem once and for all. Most parents are shaking their heads as they think about combing out every single bug and nit. How many hours would that take? Don’t worry, that’s where we come to the rescue! Our removal experts are trained and experienced. That means this otherwise tedious and time-consuming process is completed in just an hour. No chemicals involved—the bugs and nits are simply combed out and removed. And best of all, the treatment is guaranteed. We know that even one bug or nit left behind can launch a repeat infestation so we are meticulous in making sure that every single one has been removed, and your child can rightly be declared “lice free.” Our pesticide free treatment is quick and convenient. Make an appointment in our clinic or schedule a house call. Extended evening and weekend hours accommodate your busy schedule. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, house call or school consultation, please visit our website at: or call 1-800-403-5423. # # # About Us Lice Troopers is the pesticide free, guaranteed Head Lice Removal Service™ that manually removes the head louse parasite safely and discreetly in our child-friendly salon setting or other chosen location. Providing safe solutions for frantic families, our team has successfully treated thousands of families nationwide. Our services are widely recommended by pediatricians and are reimbursed by many major health insurance carriers, flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts. We also provides a 100% treatment guarantee. Get lice free today with Lice Troopers. Contact: Jennie Harel, President 800.403.5423