Thick Hair, Don’t Care? A Lice Infestation Just Might Make You!

Who doesn’t want thick, voluminous hair? Hair is a significant part of our personal aesthetics, and there’s nothing like some thick curls to give someone a whole lot of character. Of course, thick hair isn’t entirely easy to maintain. And when you add curls into the mix—that’s a whole other ballgame!

An Abundance of Hair

When you have more hair than you can handle, grooming it can be quite the arduous chore. From washing to brushing it to dyeing it any color of the rainbow, there’s a lot of effort required. This can be exacerbated if you tend to keep it long. Long hair plus volume? A likely recipe for hard work! Of course, the laborious efforts are likely worth it, in order to keep a mane that could rival a lion’s. Living with thick hair can be tedious, but it’s the price of being naturally blessed with such volume!

Lice Latching On—A Dilemma of Epic Proportions

Getting head lice is bad enough, but an infestation in a mane of dense hair? That’s a challenge that can’t be taken on alone. Lice are miniscule, and nits, their eggs, are even smaller. If you suspect you may have lice and have thick hair, the mere process of lice detection can get tough and time consuming. Getting a lice infestation may be the one time you regret having all this thick hair. However, not all hope is lost. The struggle to get rid of these stubborn parasites is bad enough without bringing dense hair into the mix. While you may struggle with the process, a professional lice removal service will be more than able to take care of your problem!

Let the Pros Handle It

At Lice Troopers, we have a team of experts onboard who are supremely adept in the art of lice removal. While scouring through your thick hair for nits and lice may seem like an improbably task, our technicians are more than up for the task. We can take the burden off your hands, and provide you with a skilled professional who can successfully eliminate all traces of lice from your hair. Our service is highly reliable, and we guarantee an effective treatment—if not, we provide you with a second free treatment within a two week period. We have lice treatment center Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, and other cities in Florida State. Locate your nearest clinic and give us a call—you’ll be lice free in no time!