Why chemical treatments are harmful for head lice eradication

It is tempting to go and get an over the counter head lice treatment and believe it will solve all your lice related problems. But more that 90% of the time, head lice shampoos and topical treatments don’t work because they kill the occasionalone or two head lice out of hundreds of them. But terminating a single louse is not the same as eradicating an infestation, which means the infestation persists. Moreover, much like the bacteria and antibiotics relationship, head lice also develop resistance to certain chemicals if used over a period of time. Apart from the fact that chemical treatments just don’t work, there is another reason for staying away from them: they’re dangerous. Let us walk you through the possible side effects of over-the-counter pesticide treatmentsso that you can make an informed decision next time you are faced with a case of head lice:

They can cause dermatological complications

The abrasive chemicals can cause several skin infections and rashes. Moreover, these chemicals show a violent reaction to the already scratched patches on the scalp due to lice bites. An overwhelming majority of children who were subjected to these chemical-oriented treatments by their parents reported high levels of discomfort. In most cases, the rashes developed into oozing sores and crusty patches.

They can cause respiratory tract diseases

The shampoos and topical treatments not only affect the skin, but they also wreak havoc on the respiratory tract. This is because chemical and toxic fumes can diffuse through air, which then can be inhaled by parents and children. Our respiratory tract is lined with a delicate mucosal layer that keeps it moist.  Chemical fumes settle on this layer and cause them to peel away, leaving the inner cells and blood vessels exposed to toxins. This is whyaburning sensation is often experiencedby childrenwhen achemical treatment is administered. Furthermore, these chemicals become a part of your blood stream when they diffuse through the upper layers of your scalp into your blood vessels. You don’t need to be afraid of what is out there if you go with an pesticide free, chemical free solution like Lice Troopers.At our salon, our methods are safe, gentle and effective. No side effects, no worries. Click here for more information or to book an appointment today.