Why is Professional Facilitation a better option when Treating Head Lice?

We often talk about how our pesticide free head lice removal treatment is the most effective treatment for lice and with this blog we will finally provide proof of this fact. We are going to compare our service with the different types of over the counter (OTC) treatments available in the market.
Lice Troopers’ Treatment OTC Treatments
Our treatment involves the usage of pesticide free products, which are completely non-toxic and contain no chemical ingredients whatsoever. Most OTC treatments available in the market contain harmful chemicals, which can harm your health, over prolonged usage.
Our treatments are safe for people of all ages and recommended by physicians. The chemical contents of OTC products make them dangerous for younger children.
Our treatment is 100% guaranteed to work. No other treatment in the market will be able to provide you with that type of a promise. OTC head lice products don’t guarantee 100% removal after a single treatment.
We also perform a thorough screening before we administer the treatment, to make sure that only the affected people are treated. Often people buy and start using OTC head lice treatments with no inspection or other evidence of louse, other than an itchy scalp.
You will only require our treatments once, and your lice infestation will be gone. You will not be required to make any other appointments for more treatments. In contrast, OTC products require regular usage without any results.
You will be in the care of our lice experts when you visit our salons, which offer children friendly environments, and we also offer in-house treatments. When you use OTC products, you are left to your own devices, without any expert advice.
We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service; that is why we offer same day appointments to our clients. You won’t have to live with these parasites for even one more day. Even with regular usage of OTC products and following all the instructions to the letter, you won’t able to rid yourself of head lice.
We charge a very affordable flat-rate fee for our one time treatment. Buying OTC products over and over to no avail will definitely cost you more.
We also provide health insurance reimbursement forms, for people whose policies cover our services. Your health insurance will likely not cover any OTC anti-lice products that you purchase.
We also provide information to families about future prevention of a head lice infestation. You will not receive any such information from any of the OTC lice removal products you buy.
From the information above, you can easily glean that our professional head lice removal treatment is better than any over the counter product that you may purchase. You can visit our lice removal salons in Miami or one in New York or give us a call (1.800.403.5423) and learn more about our treatment and make an appointment for that very same day and be lice free with just a single treatment.